“BOMBARDED” with Garrett Bosworth

By Danny Rosauro | November 2, 2023

Bombarded. That one simple word just about sums up a teenager’s life. That word holds the weight of a generation struggling to fight battles that seemingly can’t be won. In a world in which people actively try to snuff out Christianity, adolescents fall victim to the lies of the Devil. That is why it is essential…

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Why Do I Believe The Bible Is The Word Of God?

By La Nej Garrison | March 28, 2021

Why do I believe the Bible is the Word of God? What reasons do I have for affirming biblical inerrancy? How do I overcome challenges against biblical inerrancy? The reliability of the historical text is paramount to the Christian faith. While this is a cursory look at a few issues, the goal is to give…

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The Fact of the Matter: A philosophical reflection on the foundation of a movement

By La Nej Garrison | August 24, 2020

“The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of  government in the next.” – Abraham Lincoln What does the state of our society say about the philosophical commitments that have been taught in the classroom? Perhaps it is time to examine our philosophical presuppositions and their effect on society. Unfortunately,…

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Being Comfortable with Individual Purpose: An Interview with La Nej Garrison

By La Nej Garrison | April 1, 2019

“We are what we believe we are.” – C. S. Lewis If I described myself based on my past, I would have listed things like: the daughter of a mentally ill woman, abandoned by my father, spent my childhood in foster homes, etc. But those things do not define me. I am blessed. I am…

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